Murphy Company uses primarily intumescent or solvent-based fireproofing applications, and work in both 1- and 2-hour ratings. Intumescent coatings work by charring and expanding typically to 25 times their original thickness when engulfed in flames. The increase in volume and decrease in density of the coating slows the heating of the underlying steel, increasing the time before the steel itself starts to melt. Murphy Company has access to a broad selection of products to meet your specific needs.

Our solutions are a decorative, fiber free, thin film intumescent coating designed for the fire protection of steelwork for up to a 3-hour fire rating, depending on the design. The recommended use for this product is fireproofing of interior steel beams, columns, tubes and pipes.

Intumescent Coating Fireproofing Advantages:

  • Coat many types of steel sections
  • Provides a decorative, durable finish opening up the use of steel as a design element
  • A thin film coat ideal for tight spaces
  • Relative ease of application compared to other fireproofing systems
  • Can be LEED compliant