Insulation Removal Services

When insulation is exposed to water, smoke or fire it must be removed to prevent mold and mildew. Even a small fire can fill your existing insulation with smoke and soot and the smell will linger for years and the only way to eliminate this is to remove the old, damaged insulation.

Another area to look for is over-insulated spaces such as attics in older homes.  These areas can be full of dirty, dusty, contaminated layers of insulation that can be hazardous to the home’s occupants. Too many layers of insulation can create moisture problems such as mold stains on walls and ceilings as well.

When infestation occurs, it’s time to take action.  Animal infestations (bats, squirrels, mice, and other rodents) leave behind urine, feces and nesting materials that can subject humans to Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis.